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Ibrahim Alfodry

Since 2013, this Honda generator has been my rock. From powering my car to acing a challenge with an air conditioner during the hottest Kuwaiti summers, it's a true masterpiece. Trust me, it's a gamechanger


Explore the safety of our Japanese Honda cars. One person's story of surviving a tough accident highlights how our vehicles protect you with strong safety features, ensuring your safety on the road

Ram & Rahil

In a split second, everything changed. Grateful to be here. The impact was sudden, but the safety measures prevailed. In the CR-V, my sanctuary, I found safety beyond measure.

Abdulaziz Alshemiri

I was terrified, hanging on a cliff, unsure if I'd make it. The car's strength saved me like a miracle. Grateful to be alive, I realized my Honda's sturdiness. It felt like a luxurious haven, a safe refuge on that cliff's edge. Honda's unmatched reliability and safety are what truly saved me.


That day, my world flipped with the car. The crash was terrifying I couldn't tell if I'd make it through. But somehow, I did. Those safety features saved me. It's incredible how much they matter when everything's on the line

Mohannad & Meshal

At first, the bike seemed scary, but its safety impressed me. The Goldwing was easier to ride than expected. It became our team's favorite, especially in bad weather. The Honda Goldwing has been the top choice for touring bikes worldwide for over a year

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